If you are thinking to have a train on your wedding gown, you need to know that there are many types of wedding gown trains that you need to consider before choosing one. Here is what you need to know.


It is also called as “Brush Train”. This sweep length is a short train, just about one foot or less beyond the hemline. It is the easiest one to wear and best used for garden wedding or casual-informal weddings.Sweep



This court train is slightly longer than the sweep train. The only difference is that the court train extends from the waist, while the sweep train extends from the hemline. If you have dancing party or lots of movements, then this is the best choice.



The chapel train is the most popular and most traditional choice for brides. It extends four to five feet from the waist. It gives a touch of elegance and lightweight.. This is suitable for formal weddings and not recommended to be used outdoor.



This train extends seven to eight feet from the waist. It is quite heavy weight and suitable for formal wedding. It will be difficult to manage thus it require bridesmaids to manage it on the floor so the train looks well as you walk.



This train is also known as “Royal”. It flows to 12 ft or more from the waist. If your wedding is a grand wedding, you could consider this train as it definitely catch everyone’s attention.